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Graduate thesis

Thesis paper presented by the alumni

Understanding the characteristics of natural resource conflicts on borderlands:
A systematic  review

February 2022

Hansol Lee

Determinants of Subjective and Consumption Poverty in Malawi: Evidence from the Fifth Integrated Household Survey 2019-2020

February 2022

Hyunju Oh

The Effective Method to Disseminate Agricultural Information: Based on Simulated Social Network by Crop Management

February 2022

Jieun Kim

February 2021

​Seongmin Shin

Can Livestock Farmers Overcome Barriers of Improving Productivity through Urea-Molasses Block? Evidence from Lao PDR

August 2020

​Ryeongim Kim

​Does Crop Diversification Contribute to Household Dietary Diversity? Evidence from Cambodia 

August 2020

​Chanmi Yun

How the Gender of the Household's Head Influences Household Food Security in the Developing Countries : An Evidence from Rwanda

February 2020

​Yonggi Shin

Crop Diversification Impact on Farm Income under Weather Shock: Evidence from Rice Farmers in the Mekong River Delta, Vietnam

August 2019

Choongman Kim

Estimating Ad-Valorem Equivalents of Non-Tariff Measures on Rice Trade 

August 2019

Nguyen Ngoc Dang Khoa

Vietnam Consumers’ Preferences for Ginseng Products : Effects of Shopping Locations, Vietgap, Korean Nationality, and Three Brands

February 2019

Youngsun Joo

Impact of Information Accessibility on Smallholder Farmers' Income and Productivity by Season : The Case of Lao PDR

February 2019

Bheomseok Kim

Impact of Off-farm Employment on Smallholders’ Commercialization: Evidence from Rwanda Household Survey 2013/2014

February 2019

Yongeun Lee

Two Essays on Farm Productivity in Rural Cambodia : Low Rice Yield in Tonle Sap and Effects on Land Titling

February 2019

Jungwook Ahn

Does Aid for Trade Improve Export in Agricultural Sector of Developing Countries?

February 2019 

Byoungkyun Jeon

Factors Affecting Farmer's Adoption of Hybrid Rice Varieties in Bangladesh: Regional Differences in Farmer's Union and Government Extension Services-

February 2018

Jungman Choi

Farmers' Willingness to Adopt the Drought-tolerant Rice Varieties: the Role of Farmer Field Schools and Farm Labor Force in Pangasinan, the Philippines

August 2017

Sunmee Cho

Valuing Attributes of Fluid Milk in Laos: A Comparison of Real and Hypothetical Products

August 2017

Jaewon Lee

Impacts of agricultural aid, remittances, and climate change on macroeconomic volatility in Africa

August 2016

Soobin You

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