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internship experience

Internship in international agricultural development and cooperation major is intended for field experience, especially in international organizations, universities and research Institutes abroad. The students of the Graduate School of International Agricultural Technology(GSIAT) must complete 'Internship program' during master's degree courses. Under its curriculum, it is mandatory to take 'Internship in Agricultural Development and Cooperation' subject within 39 credits of GSIAT requirements.  


Wansoon Lee

Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)

Seoul, Republic of Korea

-Providing support to the logistical aspects of GGGWeek sessions

-Updating the event website and Zoom platform

-Developing promotional materials (i.e., the event postcards)​


Boyeong Park

International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)
Washington DC

- Machine learning on crop disease analysis
- Programming for world fertilizer price indicator model
- E-learning courseware for Pro-WEAI (Womens' Empowerment in Agriculture Index)


Hyunju Oh​

The Agro-food New marketing Institute (NEWMA) 

Seoul, Korea

- Support for the establishment of an agricultural product distribution center in Myanmar
- Support for Sri Lanka's agricultural import and export quarantine system improvement project


Thi Chinh VO

Global Civic Sharing (GCS) 

- Assisted the Training team in the 2020 KOICA incubating program
- Translating training document for the training program in Vietnam  

- Investigated the actual condition regarding bombs, mines in Vietnam 


Nivelle Kim

Chungnyeonmaeul Co., Ltd

- Explore markets for local company's organic certified products.
- Local revitalization through support for young people's return to rural


​Yuhua LI

Chungnyeonmaeul Co., Ltd

- Explore the market for certified organic products from local companies.
- Explore the feasibility of social farming development.


Seongeun Lee​

Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)


- A meta analysis measuring the effects of agroforestry practices on biodiversity and         livelihood in Indonesia
- Participating field work on peatland in Palembang, Indonesia


Seongmin SHIN​

Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)


- Statistical Analysis on peat land restoration project with bio-energy tree. 

- Social Network Analysis on REDD+ in Indonesia.


Taehoon KIM

World Agroforestry Center (ICRAF)


- Analysis on orange value chain of smallholder farmers

- Research planning, questionnaire preparation, analysis based on Business Model Canvas

- On-site interview with value chain stakeholders


Haeun LEE

African Development Bank (AfDB)

Cote D'Ivoire

- Assisted the production of Project funding application of GEF
- Assisted the development of Natural Capital Funding application to the Bank Resource mobilization Depart.
- Assisted preparation of the Land Conference as an aspect of the policy dialogue
- Assisted the development of the draft on Illicit Practice of Renewable Resource in Africa 

choongman intern.png

Chungmann KIM

International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)

Washington DC

- Food security and nutrition analysis using VHLSS 2016, Vietnam
- Technology adoption and resilience to weather shocks, with a focus on Tanzania

- Remote Sensing

- Data cleaning, Analysis, Literature Review, Write up

sunmee intern.jpg

Sunmee CHO

International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)


- Participating in writing Agricultural Development Projects in Africa 

- Supporting Administrative Works

- Arranging meetings between Korea and IFAD

chanmi intern.png

Chanmi YUN

African Development Bank (AfDB), Cote D'Ivoire

E-SAAN Center for Business and Economic Research, Thailand

1) AfDB

-Assisted the project operation of the "AfDB-Korea Feed Africa Collaboration" in Agribusiness Development Division.-Supported the 'ODA Forum in Korea' operation.-Supported desk research of the 'ENABLE-Youth' & 'ICT for Agriculture'.


- Literature review, Analysis for Social Network project in Thailand. - Designing baseline survey on Social Network with Khon Kaen University.

seokhyun intern.jpg

Seokhyeon KO

Mekong Institute (MI)


- Supporting MI's Consulting program of SMEs

- Participating in designs of Capacity Building Programs

- Translating Official Document of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Korea. 

bheomseok intern.png

Bheomseok KIM

E-SAAN Center for Business and Economic Research (ECBER)


- Conducting Rural Household Survey in Kalasin District, Thailand

- Writing 'Rural Household Survey Manual'

- Designing Field Experiment with Researchers of Khon Kaen University

- Writing up Report Results of 'Laos Rural Household Survey'

jungman intern.png

Jungman CHOI

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)


- Participating in 'Smart Climate Agriculture' project

- Supporting Administrative work between Korea Ministry of Environment and FAO Vietnam

Funded by Ministry of Environment and Seoul National University

yongeun intern.png

Yongeun LEE

African Development Bank (AfDB)

Cote D'Ivoire

- Assisted Non-Sovereign and Sovereign operations in Rural Infrastructure Development Division – Youth and gender concerned.
- Assisted a project costing using COSTAB – unit price data utilization. 
- Supported the program operation of the ‘Special Agro-Industrial Processing Zones (SAPZ)’

ahn intern.png

Jungwook AHN

Korea Rural Economic Institute (KREI)

Republic of Korea

- Supporting Korean Agricultural Policy Experience for Food Security program (KAPEX)

- Data Entry, Data Cleaning, Analysis

jay intern.png

Jaewon LEE

Ministry of Statistics


- Data Analysis of Livestock Industry in Lao PDR

- Supporting Administrative Work and Arranging Meetings from Delegation from Republic of Korea

- Statistical Analysis and Data Cleaning

soobin intern.png

Soobin YOO

Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)


- Supporting 'Vietnam's Environment and Agriculture' project with NRC (Division of Climate, Energy and Tenure)

- Research on NAMAs(National Adaptation & Mitigation Actions), NAPs (National Adaptation Plans), Community Forest Harvest.

shinhae intern.png

Shinhye KANG

Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences


- Conducting Consumer Preference Survey of Ginseng Products from Different Countries

- Data Analysis using SAS, Stata

- Data Cleaning, Literature Review

khoa intern1.png

Korea Rural Economic Institute (KREI)

Republic of Korea

- Translating Vietnam's Trade Law into Korean

- Searching Vietnam Data

- Data Cleaning, Data Entry

youngsun intern.jpg

Yeongseon JOO

Vietnam Academy of Social Sciences (VASS)


- Assisted regional sustainable development: data cleaning and analysis
- Literature review for Vietnam sustainanle development issues
- Survey and make presentation about prospective Vietnamese fruit in South Korea
- Support meetings and desk research

byungkyun intern.jpg

Byoungkyun JEON

Korea Program on International Agriculture (KOPIA)

The Philippines

- Analyzing Rural Income Structure with Division of Socio-Economic and Division of Technology Management and Services in PhilRice

- Rice Variety Field Experiment

- Pilot Program of SaMeul Undong in ILOLO, BOHOL, BANTUG

jieun internship.jpg

Jieun KIM

E-SAAN Center for Business and Economic Research (ECBER)


- Analysis and Present Demand Survey of The Project
- Designing Questionnaire on Social Network with Khon Kaen University

yonggi intern.png

Yonggi SHIN

Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)


- Field researches.

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