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Educational Contents

Based on the basic knowledge of various agricultural technologies, the theoretical learning of agricultural development and cooperation from the viewpoint of economics and politics is carried out. Based on this, it is the study area where interpreting international agricultural development cooperation activities and how to apply related knowledge in the field.
The ultimate goal is to nurture the expertise of agricultural sector development cooperation at the international level, thereby laying the foundation for Korea to lead international development issues.


Major subject

  • ​  A Seminar on International Agricultural Policy

  •   A Theory and Practice on International Agricultural Development

  •   Aid and International Agricultural Development

  •   Global governance for Agriculture and Policy management

  •   International Agricultural and Forest Development Policy

  •   International Agricultural Trade and Development

  •   Regional Studies on Southeast Asia

  •   Social Farming and Development Cooperation

Credit Requirements
(master's course)

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Welcome to join our Seminar!

Morning Seminar

  • Purpose: To share the ongoing research process of individuals and discuss further progress.

  • Time:  Wednesday, 8:00 am to 8:50 am

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