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PARK, Mi Sun

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박 미 선 (朴 美 善)

Mi Sun PARK (Ph. D. in Forest Policy)

Associate Professor, Graduate School of International Agricultual Technology, SNU

Research Interest: Forest and Agricultural Policy, Governance, Communication, Eco-innovation, 
                         International Cooperation


- Ph.D. in Forest Policy (July, 2009), Georg-August University Göttingen
  Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology
  Institute of Forest Policy and Nature Conservation
  Thesis (Ph.D.) Title: “Media discourse in forest communication: The issue of forest conservation in the
                              Korean and global media” (Supervisor: Prof. Max Krott)

- Master in Environmental Education (February, 2003), Seoul National University
  Interdisciplinary Program in Environmental Education
  Thesis Title: A Comparative Study on Environmental Education Curricula in the Forest
 Sciences of Korean
                  and German Universities” (Supervisor: Prof. Jong Wook Kim)

- Bachelor in Forest Science (February 2001), Seoul National University
  Department of Forest Resources

List of Publications


  • Books

- Park, M.(2009) Media discourse in forest communication: The issue of forest conservation in the Korean and global media, Cuvillier Verlag, ISBN 978-3-86955-042-8 (Doctorial Thesis).


  • Book Chapters

- Kleinschmit, D., Ekayani, M., Park, M.and Real, A. (2007) Globaler medialer Walddiskurs: Beispiel für eine deliberative Öffentlichkeit? In. Jacob, K., Biermann, F., Busch, P.-O., Feindt, P.H. Politik und Umwelt. Politische Vierteljahresschrift: PVS, Zeitschrift der Deutschen Vereinigung für Politische Wissenschaft, Sonderheft 39: pp.430-451, ISBN 978-3-531-14889-2 (in German).

  • Journal Special Issue/Guest Editor for Special Journal Issues

- de Jong, W., Liu, J., Park,M., Camacho, L.D. (2017) Forest Transition in Asia, Journal of Forest Policy and Economics 76 [Special Issue] (Elsevier, ISSN 1389-9341).

  • Refereed Journal Articles

  1. Valenzuela, R.B., Youn, Y., Park, M., Chun, J.-N. (2020) Local People’s Participation in Mangrove Restoration Projects and Impacts on Social Capital and Livelihood: A Case Study in the Philippines. Forests 2020, 11(5), 580.

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