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Ji, Seongtae




1995.3. – 2001.8.    Seoul National University, Korea                                     B.S.

                                      Agricultural Economics & Rural Development

2004.9. – 2007.1.    China Agricultural University, China                                M.S.

                                       Agricultural Economics & Management 

2007.9. – 2011.1.    Runmin University of China, China                                  Ph.D.

                                      Agricultural Economics & Management


Professional Experience

2011.9. – 2012.11. Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)

                                      Agricultural Specialist (M&E, Establishing Strategies, Consulting)

2012.12. – 2013.4. Nonghyup Economic Research Institute (NERI)

                                     Senior Researcher (Agricultural Policy, China Agriculture)

2013.5. – 2018.8.   Korea Rural Economic Institute (KREI)

                                     Associate Researcher (ODA, Agricultural Trade, China Agriculture)

2018.9. - Present      Seoul National University

                                    Associate Professor


Major Research 

1. Papers 


  • Dasun Lee, Seongtae Ji. 2022. Analysis of Agricultural Cooperation Strategy in Central Asian ODA Priority Partner Countries: Based on Voluntary National Review (VNR). Journal of the Korean Society of International Agriculture, 34(4), 306-314.

  •  Taeeun Kim, Dasun Lee, Seongtae Ji. 2022. Analysis of Factors Influencing Agricultural Products Trade between Korea and ASEAN: Based on FDI and ODA. Journal of the Korean Society of International Agriculture, 34(4), 315-322.

  • Seongtae Ji, Yohan Lee. 2021. Food security and agroforestry from the perspective of the SDGs: a case study of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. International Forestry Review, 23(4), 437-447.

  • Lim Che-hwan, Lee Dasun, An Dong-hwan, Seongtae Ji. 2021. Analysis of North Korea’s Perception and Policy Response to Sustainable Development-Focusing on Agricultural Sector-. KOREAN UNIFICATION STUDIES, 25(2), 111-153.

  • Seongtae Ji, Tae-eun Kim. 2021. A Study on the Inter-Korean Cooperation in Agricultural Sector based on the China-Taiwan Experience -Focused on Business Incubator Parks for Taiwanese Farmers in China-. Korean-Chinese Social Science Studies, 61(0), 148-175.

  • Seongtae Ji. 2020. A study on the Global Food Value Chain cooperation in Asia: focused on the sesame industry. Asian Studies 23(4): 305-322.

  • Seongtae Ji, Seongmin Shin, Hyunju Oh. 2020. The Effects of Changes in Pork Supply and Demand in China on Global Trade Network. Korean Chinese Relations Review 6(3): 147-166.

  • Seongmin Shin, Lifu Zhang, Seongtae Ji. 2020. A Study on the Change of the Global Trade Network of Oilseeds-Focused on China. Korean-Chinese Social Science Studies 55: 97-121.

  • Seongtae Ji. 2020. The Implications of China’s Collective Farm Reform on North Korea: From a New Institutional Economics Perspectives. Korean-Chinese Social Science Studies 54: 77-117.

  • Seongtae Ji, Suhwan Lee. 2019. An Analysis of Agricultural Trade Structure Changes and Competitiveness between China and ASEAN Countries after the “One Belt, One Road” Initiative. Journal of International Trade & Commerce 15(5): 267-281.

  • Seongtae Ji, Kim Jong Sun. 2019. A Study on the Measures to Improve Performance of Technical Cooperation Projects Based on the Cases in the Agricultural Sector. Journal of the Korean Regional Development Association 31(4): 91-114.

  • Seongtae Ji, Jeong Jeong-gil, Lim Chea-hwan, Rhew Chan-hee. 2019. A Case Study of Innovation in the Agricultural Sector of Chinese IT Companies: Focusing on Jing-dong. Chinese Studies 78: 291-318.

  • Seongtae Ji. 2019. The Effect of Structural Change of World Sesame Trade on Korea’s Demand and Supply of Sesame. The Journal of the Korean Society of International Agriculture 31(1): 34-42.

  • Sepmgtae Ji, ChanHee Rhew. 2018. Rural investment of China’s e-commerce enterprises and win-win cooperation model: focusing on Alibaba. Asian Studies 21(4): 57-86.

  • Seongtae Ji, Jeong Ho Yoo. 2018. A study on the changes of agricultural import structure according to implementation of FTAs in South Korea. Journal of Korea Trade 22(1): 2-16.

  • Byeong-il Ahn, Seongtae Ji. 2018. Effect of the introduction of Agricultural Products Processing Center (APC) on the marketing margin of fruits. Koran Journal of Agricultural Economics 59(3): 63-80.

  • Seongtae Ji. 2018. Case Study on the ODA for Creating Shared Value (CSV) in Agricultural Sector Based on the Value Chain Analysis: Project for Establishment of Seed-Potato Production System in Vietnam. Korean Society of Agricultural Extension 25(1): 31-44.

  • Seongtae Ji. 2017. A study on the Argument about Farmland Privatization in China and Abroad Cases. Chinese Studies 72(0): 233-257.

  • Seongtae Ji, Lee Yo Han. 2016. A Study on Cross-Cutting Issues of Saemaul Undong from an ODA Perspective: Focusing on Women’s Association Operations and Forest Tree-Planting. Journal of the Korean Regional Development Association 28(4): 63-85.

  • Seongtae Ji. 2016. A study on China’s farmers’ income structure and interregional income inequality. Korean-Chinese Social Science Studies 41(0): 129-151.

  • Seongtae Ji, Jeong Ho Yoo. 2016. Analysis on Import Determinants of Agricultural Products from ASEAN Countries. The Korean Society of International Agriculture 28(2): 166-173.

  • Yo Han Lee, Seongtae Ji. 2016. Effects of Socioeconomic Factors and Forest Environments on Demand for Rural Residential Development. Environmental and Resource Economics Review 25(2): 199-228.

  • Seongtae Ji. 2015. A Study on Application Method of Agricultural Cooperative for ODA: In the Case of Lao PDR. The Korean Society of International Agriculture 27(1): 35-44.

  • Seongtae Ji. 2014. A study on the Approach Method for the Excavation of the Outstanding Projects in the Agricultural Sector. Korean Society of Agricultural Extension 21(3): 181-213.

  • Seongtae Ji. 2013. A study of effective implementing measures of an integrated rural development ODA model: focused on the case of “Vietnam Saemaul Movement pilot project”. Asian Studies 16(3): 217-246.

  • Seongtae Ji. 2013. Causes of the Gap between Urban and Rural Areas of China and the Main Policies to Bridge the Gap. Asian Studies 16(1): 77-103.

  • Seongtae Ji, SeongWu Wang. 2012. A Study on Changes in Eating Habits and Increasing Grain Supplies in China. Korean Management Consulting Review 12(2): 219-244.

  • Seongtae Ji, Kyung Jin Hwang. 2011. The nature and causes of Labor supply-demand imbalance in China: A case study of “Mingonghuang” phenomenon. Chinese Studies 52(0): 639-664.

2. Research Projects

  •    Environmental and economic value evaluation analysis for field cultivation of subtropical crops. The Rural Development Administration. 2022.08.-2022.12. PM.  

  •     Rural Development Administration International Development Cooperation Evaluation Manual Development.  The Rural Development Administration. 2022.07.-2022.12. PM.  

  •     Emerging Security Crisis in North Korea and Inter-Korean Cooperation from the Perspective of Food Security. The Institute for Peace and Unification Studies, IPUS. 2022.04.-2024.01. PM. 

  •     A Study on Cooperation in the Agricultural Sector of North and South Korea through Cross-Strait Cooperation Experience. The Institute for Peace and Unification Studies, IPUS. 2021.03-2022.01. PM.

  •    2nd Establishment of Sustainable Development Goals for Food Security on the Korean Peninsula and ways to bridge the gap.  The Rural Development Administration. 2021.01.-2021.12. PM. 

  •    Establishment of Sustainable Development Goals for Food Security on the Korean Peninsula and ways to bridge the gap. Rural Development Administration. The Rural Development Administration. 2020.1.-2020.12. PM. 

  •    Development of Mountain Simulated Ginseng Industry in connection with Regional win-win Development. Korea Forest Service. Woorido. 2020.4.-2020. 12. PM.

  •     Status of Health Functional Food Market in Vietnam and the Export Plan. Woorido. 2020.8.-2021.8. PM

  •     Benefit-Cost Analysis of Smart Livestock ICT Demonstration Complex Project. Pyeongchang County Gov. 2020.9.-2020.11. PM

  •     Sustainable R&D Strategies for Agriculture and Rural side in South and North Korea. Seoul National University. 2020.9.-2020.12.

  •     The impact of China’s supply and demand of agricultural products on the global food value chain. Seoul National University. 2018.10.-2020.9. PM

  •     Analysis of Aid for Trade and the Effects of Cherry Exports in Uzbekistan. Seoul National University. 2018.10.-2019.9. PM.

  •     Chinese IT Companies’ Entry into Agricultural Sector and Win-Win Cooperation Model. Korea Institute for International Economic Policy. 2018.4.-2018.11.

  •     Implementation Strategy for Enhancing Outcomes of ODA Technical Cooperation Projects in the Agricultural Sector. Korea Rural Economic Institute. 2017.1.-10.

  •   Structural Changes in the Import of Agricultural Products and Policy Implications Following the Implementation of FTAs. Korea Rural Economic Institute. 2016.1.-10. PM.

  •   Implementation Review and Lessons of the Korea-ASEAN FTA in the Agricultural Sector. Korea Rural Economic Institute. 2015.9.-12. PM.

  •   A Study on the Establishment of Evaluation Guidelines for Agricultural ODA Projects. Korea Rural Economic Institute. 2013.11.-2014.1.

  •   China’s Grain Supply-Demand Trend and Production Policy. Nonghyup Economic Research Institute. 2012.12.-2013.1. PM.

  •   The Program Models of Integrated Rural Development. Korea International Cooperation Agency. 2012.6.-11. PM.



3. Books

  • International Development Cooperation (Co-author, 2016), KOICA, SIGONGmedia.

  • China's bioenergy industry (Joint translation, 2014), 차이나하우스.

  • 2011 Rediscovery of China (Co-author, 2011), 차이나하우스.

  • 中國農業社會和服務 (Co-author, 2009), 中國人民大學出版社.

  • China's “三農” Problem Retrospection and Prospect (Translated article, 2006), KREI.



  •     International Agricultural Trade and Development

  •     Global Food Value Chains and Marketing of Agricultural Products

  •     East Asian Agricultural Development

  •     Social Farming and Development Cooperation (Service Learning, SNU Social Responsibility)

  •     International Rural Development

지성태 교수님.JPG

지 성 태 (池 成 泰)

Seongtae Ji (Ph. D. in Agricultural Economics and Management)

Associate Professor, Graduate School of International Agricultual Technology

Research Interest: Global Agro-Food Trade Network, Agri-business and Food value

                         chains, Creating Shared Value and Social Farming, East Asian Agricultural

                         Cooperation Model, International Rural Development

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